Hollywood, FL – The Black Republican Caucus of Florida is proud to endorse Congressman Ron DeSantis to be the next Governor of the State of Florida. Congressman DeSantis is a tried and true public servant who has honorably served his country from the battle field to the Chambers of Congress, working on behalf of all Americans, including African-Americans. Congressman DeSantis has supported the Black Republican Caucus of Florida throughout his entire tenure as a Member of Congress, working with Chairman Jackson to address issues and concerns of constituents that Chairman Jackson has brought forth to his office.

The Black Republican Caucus of Florida condemns all racist accusations being fabricated by democrats and liberal media who have attempted to demonize Congressman DeSantis in misrepresenting his comments to portray something that they are not. As Congressman DeSantis’s remarks were in no way directed to his opponent, the democrats and liberal media are working overtime to discredit an incomparable man of valor. It is Congressman DeSantis’s impeccable record of leadership from serving as a JAG officer in the United States Navy to serving as both a federal and military prosecutor, prosecuting a wide rage of cases including child exploitation, corruption and child abuse, to serving the 6th District of Florida as a member of Congress taking charge on issues from government accountability, fiscal responsibility, national security and the constitution. Congressman DeSantis is a fighter who will ensure that not only is diversity a cornerstone of his campaign and Administration, but that such diversity supports and promotes policies that protect the wellbeing of all African – Americans in the State of Florida.

“I’ve personally known Ron for many years and as a friend it sickens me to see how the left is attempting to paint him as something that he is not! Ron has proven himself time and time again to be a champion of black issues and has never shied away from them whenever I have addressed them with him. He’s a good man with a heart after God who loves country and loves this great state that we’re blessed to call home. I stand by Ron today, tomorrow and will continue to stand by Ron throughout his administration and will work with him to ensure that African – Americans are equally represented.”

Sean P. Jackson – Chairman, Black Republican Caucus of Florida


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