BRCF Expresses Support for HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson

Hollywood, FL – The Black Republican Caucus of Florida is proud to stand with and in support of U.S. Housing & Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson is a compassionate and sincere servant of the American people who believes that all men are created equal regardless of color, creed or national origin. Dr. Carson is a spirit led man who works ever so diligently on a daily basis to ensure that his leadership is both honest and forthright. As the newly confirmed Secretary of the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development Dr. Carson understands firsthand the precedence of ensuring that all Americans have equal access to the same resources and opportunities regardless of their original naturalization.

Sadly, our society has taken victim to relying solely upon rhetoric of the media and political operatives rather than taking heed to the discretion of our leaders and their proclamations. Furthermore, the double standard in which the media upholds when reporting our politics to the American people has denigrated the holistic wellbeing of our family unit. The American people must understand the significance of such a travesty and begin to take a stand against pragmatic injustice. The recent comments of Dr. Carson were not only accurate but similar in correlation to comments of then President Barack H. Obama. As the definition of immigrants speaks solely to one’s permanent living in a foreign country, Dr. Carson’s uplifting remarks to HUD staff only brought forth imagery of how slaves who were in fact immigrants overcame such incredulous obstacles and circumstances by way of persistence, hard work and dedication to their beliefs. We applaud Secretary Carson and the encouragement he has set forth for HUD staff and look forward to working with Secretary Carson over the years ahead to ensure that all citizens of the United States of America, regardless of national origin be morally and spiritually uplifted to a place where one can partake in a unison approach to achieving liberty and justice for all.

“I have come to know Secretary Carson not just as a public figure and a leader amongst the Republican Electorate; I have had the honor of witnessing up close and personal the sincerity and morality of his heart. I take solace in knowing a man who continually exemplifies to the citizens of our nation what the dream looks like; the American Dream.”

Sean P. Jackson – Chairman, Black Republican Caucus of Florida




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