Hollywood, FL – The most anticipated reception of the Republican National Convention, Cocktails @ the Convention is sure to be the talk of the Convention for years to come! Hosted by the Black Republican Caucus of Florida in partnership with the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, Cocktails @ the Convention is a gathering of America’s most notable black republicans along with conservative celebrities, convention delegates, various State GOP Chairmen and constituents alike. This two hour event is poised for individuals to network and co-mingle amongst America’s most influential household names as attendees are reminded about the importance of the conservative black vote this election cycle.

Hosts: Black Republican Caucus of Florida | National Black Caucus of State Legislators

Corporate Sponsors: Cruzan Rum | The GEO Group | Pfizer

CONFIRMED Attendees: Dr. Ben Carson | Candy Carson | Herman Cain | Michael Steele | Omarosa Donald Trump, Jr. | Eric Trump | Tiffany Trump | Eboni K. Williams | Stacey Dash Allen West | Star Parker | RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day | BET Television | FOX News

“This election cycle is undoubtedly the most crucial of our lifetime. I’m absolutely elated to welcome many friends and supporters alike who play an integral role in ensuring that the black vote is delivered to the Republican Party this November.”

Sean P. Jackson – Chairman, Black Republican Caucus of Florida



Hollywood, FL | 305 – 336 – 1048 |

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