Hollywood, FL – Omarosa Manigault – Newman has been a thorn in the side of black republicans since President Donald J. Trump was elected. Mrs. Newman went out of her way to prevent any black republicans, including Chairman Sean P. Jackson from serving in the Trump Administration. Mrs. Newman conned the entire republican party into believing that she was loyal to the party and would do everything possible to support President Trumps Black America agenda, however, did the opposite. Mrs. Newman sabotaged President Trumps Black America agenda by refusing to allow black republicans near the White House, ignoring policy proposals drafted and submitted by black republicans to combat issues in Black America, and by refusing to engage with Black Americans or to conduct any grassroots outreach to offer inclusion with the Trump Administration.

Mrs. Newman has proven herself time and time again not to be trustworthy from the day she was fired from the Clinton Administration, to when she was fired from the Apprentice and present day her firing from the Trump Administration. None of what Mrs. Newman alleges regarding to President Trump in  her book was a concern, until now, because it is a fabricated truth. Mrs. Newman’s sick and vile attempt to discredit and defame President Trump’s character and all the many great Americans who Mrs. Newman speaks of in her book boldly speaks to the lack of character in which Mrs. Newman possess and for that reason in addition to those briefly mentioned above and many more not mentioned in this release, Chairman Sean P. Jackson urges all Americans not to waste their hard-earned money or their time in consuming such deceitful lies.

“Having worked closely with Omarosa during the campaign, I too was fooled into thinking that her efforts were genuine and pure. Having observed and witnessed firsthand her attempt to defame close friends of mine, fight to tarnish and threaten colleague’s ability to graciously serve our great nation, I wouldn’t dare trust one word that comes from her mouth. Omarosa is a proven fraud, a fake, a phony and anyone who chooses to associate themselves with her is just the same”.

Sean P. Jackson – Chairman, Black Republican Caucus of Florida



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