Chairman of the Board
  • Sean P. Jackson

  • Chairman of the Board

Meet The Chairman

Public servant, renowned musician and vocalist, businessman, third generation rancher, humanitarian; Chairman Jackson is undoubtedly the quintessential all – American statesman. With humble beginnings Sean grew up in an impoverished West Palm Beach community where crime and violence ruled the neighborhoods. With the introduction of music at a young age Sean found a pastime that allowed him to remain removed from such an environment while simultaneously focusing on his studies. Coming up through the Palm Beach County public school system Sean was fortunate in using his talent to further advance himself in the magnet program ultimately graduating from the Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. School of the Arts. During Sean’s musical academia Sean performed with world – renowned institutions such as Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Palm Beach Opera & Boca Raton Philharmonic to name a few. Both classically and jazz trained on the string bass Sean also had the pleasure of being taught by jazz greats such as Dave Tomasello, Mik Groniger, Duffy Jackson and Nancy Wilson’s former trombonist Cleve Maloon. When not performing arias and orchestral masterpieces or improvising a new jazz tune Sean has been recognized impromptu singing with Soul Diva and Grammy Award winner Patti LaBelle as well as Gospel Legend and recording artist Shirley Caesar. Now, as Senior Advisor of Government Affairs for The Brewer Group Sean continues to remain a political trendsetter across the United States, defying the odds and never taking no for an answer, never allowing failure to be an option.
More recently Sean has been recognized as a rising star in the Republican Party. In august 2012 Sean was elected amongst his peers to serve as the 2nd Chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Palm Beach County. Since then Sean has expanded the organization to be statewide, now the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, setting it ablaze nationwide as the largest black republican grassroots organization in the state of Florida; Sean has completely overhauled BRCF growing its membership, strengthening fundraising efforts, founding its yearly gala and as of 2018 will begin its bi-yearly black voter summit. Since his election, Sean has committed BRCF to focusing not just on politics but on the restoration of the black family. Sean has implemented the hosting of free job fairs, free health and wellness fairs and free financial literacy fairs, allowing for black men and women regardless of political affiliation to embrace such tools and resources necessary, assisting in the restoration of their belief in the American dream and that all men are created equal with the opportunity to excel at pursuing their God given dreams of desired prosperity.
As the Former Chief Legislative Liaison of a Global Sustainability Initiative, Sean has worked tirelessly in some of the most poverty-stricken communities in America, striving to bring about home weatherization enhancements that offer low-income families cheaper energy rates. Having grown up in one, Sean knows and understands firsthand the struggles of living in an inner-city community with very little to no motivation, support or resources. Sean's election as Chairman chartered a course for BRCF that through the help of Board Members and relationships alike that Sean has forged over the years, have brought BRCF to dedicate its efforts of community outreach to not just recruiting new members but also encouraging and training those members to serve their respective communities in elected office, nationwide. It is with this leadership that BRCF is soon to unveil the launching of the National Black Republican Caucus. Born in West Palm Beach, FL Sean is a resident of Miami, FL and Washington, D.C. Sean is the proud father of two amazing sons, Jeremiah (7) and Tyrus (1). A third generation drag racer, Sean continues the legacy in memory of his father, Tony Jackson and grandfather Lenny Jackson. When not on the road Sean continues to enjoy singing and playing the string bass. Sean is an avid golfer and horseback rider.